uPVC French Doors Worcester & West Midlands

We supply uPVC French doors to the trade in Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and other West Midlands areas. Use our quoting engine to find supply prices for uPVC French doors. Alternatively, get in touch with our Worcester team for more information.

uPVC French Doors Worcester

French doors remain an ageless product. They suit the styles of heritage properties, harkening back to Victorian and Georgian designs with astragal or Georgian bars, and they seem to stay popular because of their visual appeal and highly functional utility.

Customers can’t help but notice the large apertures available for patio integration and the stunning colours we offer. The classic white French doors might still be popular, but these days we offer a spectrum of distinctive hues.

Now homeowners can get their uPVC French doors in a range of woodgrain foils like Irish Oak or Rosewood. These foils are perfect for those looking to keep up heritage appeal. Anthracite and Chartwell Green are available for homeowners trying to create modern looks.

At Worcester Glazing Trade, we keep a wide range of stock in our large warehouse so that you can get a fast lead time on your next project. If you’re looking for uPVC French doors from Kommerling, get in touch with our team today, wherever you are in the West Midlands.

Key Features

Classic Colours

Speak with our team about getting uPVC French doors in classic colours or some of our metallic options. We also have a line of exclusive woodgrains with embossed surfaces. These include Irish Oak, Mountain Pine, and Oak Rustique.

With the six chamber design, the Kommerling uPVC French doors create better thermal efficiency. This door can offer Uw-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K. We’re proud to offer French doors that can provide better insulation and potentially reduce heating bills.

These doors offer a deep glass rebate to accommodate triple glazing, special glazing, or door panels up to 58mm thick. Let our team know if you’re looking for laminate glazing for uPVC French doors. We believe that triple glazing offers improved weatherproofing.

With double or triple glazing, French doors can offer more peace and serenity for homeowners in noisy areas. Whether you’re working on a house near an airport, highway, school or stadium, we believe that these doors can help reduce the exterior noise pollution.

With these uPVC French doors, homeowners will get improved security features. You can always speak to our team about our range of multi point locking mechanisms or Lock Lock handles. That way, homeowners get the protection that they desire.

uPVC French Doors Worcester

uPVC French Door Prices Worcester & West Midlands

Use our quoting engine for preliminary pricing on your next uPVC French door supply. We can get you a quick quote for your next project with just a few dimensions. Start today.

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uPVC French Door Maintenance

When choosing uPVC French doors, homeowners don’t have to worry about maintenance and the expense of constant upkeep. All homeowners need to do is use some washing up liquid and a cloth to remove most dirt and grime. We can also supply uPVC cleaner for white profiles or wood grain laminates.

When you explain upkeep, we can help you offer cleaning materials. For example, homeowners should clean the hardware once or twice a year with a resin and acid-free oil. If you would like to offer this to your customers, simply contact our team.

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Configurations & Sizes

We offer many different configurations for uPVC French doors: choose between open in and open out styles for your next installation. Configurations are an important part of every installation since they need to integrate with the façade and facing walls.

We supply these doors in maximum sash sizes of 1000mm x 24000mm for a combined aperture width of 4800mm. If you are looking for smaller French doors, you can contact our team for more information.

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