Glass Sealed Units Worcester & West Midlands

We supply glass sealed units to the trade in Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and other areas in the West Midlands. Speak with us for a quote on glass sealed units. Speak with us today.

Glass Sealed Units Worcester

Worcester Glazing Trade offers glass sealed units at great prices for window fitters and installers with replacement services. We make sure that you’re getting the glass product you need and a top quality manufacturer.

We supply Pilkington glass sealed units so that homeowners have numerous options for the type of glass they’re looking for. If your customers need glare reduction or low emission glass, simply ring our team on 0800 2461722.

With our warehouse of 6500 square feet, we stock a large inventory. Consequently, we can supply supplemental systems as needed. Get in touch with our team, wherever you are in the West Midlands to find the glass sealed units you need.

Key Features

Save on Costs

Homeowners can lose up to eight times more heat through single or standard glazing in older windows. When you offer customers Pilkington glass, homeowners can reduce that loss by as much as 82%.

Provide homeowners with the most thermally efficient glass sealed units available. Argon gas and warm spacer bars help reduce thermal breaks so that homeowners can improve their WER. This is available with the Pilkington energiKare range.

We can offer laminated glass sealed units for those looking to provide additional security and protection to their homes. Laminated glass retains the glazing shape, even after hard impacts, so intruders cannot gain entry.

With Pilkington Optiphon, you can provide homeowners who live in high noise areas a measure of calm. This noise reducing glass sealed unit offers all the benefits of laminated glass, with more insulation from busy byways

Homeowners will love the option of solar controlled glass, which helps reduce solar glare and comes with self cleaning technology. This means reduced maintenance for them as well as improved thermal performance in the home.

Glass Sealed Units Worcester
Double glazed sealed units West Midlands

Replacement Services

It’s easy to replace glazing with less bother when you get in touch for glass sealed units. Simply remove the older glass from the frames and replace it with high performance Pilkington glass. When you speak with us, we’ll also be able to provide any supplemental systems as needed, so if you’re looking for frames, locks, or more, simply get in touch.

One of the benefits of working with us is getting lower lead times on quotes and products. Especially when talking about replacement work, you’ll want to get back to your customers as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in. Trust us to offer you a superior product, the superior way.

Sealed double glazing Worcester

Stylised Glazing

Speak with our team if you’re looking for obscuring glass or decorative glazing. These options allow homeowners to effortlessly redecorate and add something new to their homes. We’ve provided just a few of the Pilkington glass sealed units that we can offer.

Even more importantly, you can order all of your window and door fittings under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you supply glass sealed units?

In addition to areas of Worcestershire, we also supply to Warwickshire and Herefordshire.

How long do sealed double glazed units last?
Will glass sealed units develop condensation?
Do you offer window frames?

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Speak with our team for a quote on glass sealed units. We’ll be able to talk to you about the options that we offer from stock or what your customer is looking for in their next windows. Use our contact form or give us a call on 0800 2461722!

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