uPVC Patio Doors Worcester & West Midlands

We supply uPVC patio doors to the trade in Worcester, Malvern, Droitwich, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and other West Midlands areas. Use our quoting engine to get a preliminary quote for uPVC patio doors. You can always speak to our team about any questions that you have.

uPVC Patio Doors Worcester

Make sure that you have uPVC patio doors available for your next installation. At Worcester Glazing Trade, we offer Kommerling products to get all of your window and door needs in one place. It makes it easier for you and customers to create and maintain uniform designs.

With Kommerling uPVC patio doors, you’ll be able to offer a quick installation. Kommerling has been around for over 100 years and has a corner on 1/4 of the European market. It’s a brand with name recognition because it’s a brand that lasts.

Make sure that you speak to our team about the needs for your next installation. Security features, accessibility, and improved glazing are possible when you contact us about your next installation.

Key Features

Aluminium Features

We can offer aluminium features to homeowners looking for the benefits of aluminium and the cost of uPVC. Simply talk to our team about installing the AluClip, AluClip Pro, or the AddOn to your next uPVC patio doors.

In addition to aluminium features, we also provide metallic colours for homeowners looking for an alternative to wood textures and plain colours. Though white is a classic, don’t miss out on offering your customers metallic Anthracite grey, Quartz grey, or Silver.

We offer uPVC patio doors because we know that it’s the preferred material for most homeowners. Easy to install and easier to keep clean, they require nothing more than a cloth and washing up liquid.

This self regulating passive ventilation system helps reduce mould and promotes airflow. The grilles prevent insects from coming into the house. With this air circulation, you won’t have to worry about trickle vents.

Kommerling helps create environmentally friendly designs for uPVC patio doors. They use professional recycling in a closed material loop, conserving resources instead of manufacturing new uPVC.

uPVC patio doors Worcester

uPVC Patio Door Prices Worcester & West Midlands

Begin the installation with this initial price of uPVC patio doors. You’ll be able to insert the dimensions and colours you need and receive a quote. Start your project now.

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Additional Aluminium Details

For homeowners that appreciate aluminium looks, we offer aluminium features like the AluClip, AluClip Pro, and the AddOn. With the AluClip, you get an aluminium shell over the uPVC. The AluClip Pro improves the thermal insulation and removes the need for steel reinforcement.

The AddOn is an aluminium interconnecting frame. It comes with an optional shutter system and sunshade to reduce heating and give homeowners a measure of solar control. Find out more!

upvc sliding patio doors Worcester

Smooth Glide uPVC Patio Doors

With the seven chambered design, these uPVC patio doors aren’t just weatherproof. They’re guaranteed to perform optimally under extreme weather conditions, decreasing draughts and water ingress. The improved insulation means that homeowners can improve their WER and potentially lower any extravagant heating bills.

Furthermore, the deep glass rebate provides space augmented for triple glazing or special glazing needs, up to 58mm thick. Additionally, rebate pads and aluminium weatherboards protect the frame from water ingress, while the threshold connectors create a watertight seal against the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other doors can you supply?

Look at our uPVC doors and our aluminium patio doors if you’re looking for similar products.

We also offer Kommerling window systems for installers in the West Midlands.

Why supply these patio doors?
Do you offer noise reduction glass?
Do these doors come with trickle vents?
How deep is the installation depth?

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