Can You Fit Your Own Double Glazing?

Can You Fit Your Own Double Glazing?

Can You Fit Your Own Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a big investment in your home and we at Worcester Glazing Trade appreciate that we are all looking for ways to cut corners and costs. If you have a tight budget or are just a thrifty kind of person, you may always try to do things yourself rather than paying the high price for professionals to work you feel on your home. However, although you may want to take on landscape gardening, painting, decorating and even woodwork, there are some tasks and projects that it may be best leaving to the professionals. 

So, can you install your own double glazing and save yourself money in the process? Well, yes and no. You absolutely could buy all the materials and tools to carry out the work yourself – however without the adequate understanding, skills and experience you are going to end up with the potential for significant issues and costs further down the road as a result of lower quality installation. 

To prevent the stress, time and potential future cost implications of installing your own double glazing, use our sister company, Worcester Glazing, for your home improvements at a competitive price! Contact them today at 01905 928188.

Fit your own double glazing

Fitting Windows Yourself

It can be tempting to install your new double glazed windows yourself. If you’re operating on a tight budget and you have some DIY experience, hiring an installer can seem like an unnecessary spend. But window installations can become complicated, especially if you’re adding a brand-new style to your home.

Also, fitting windows yourself can take time. If you’re installing several of them across your home, each one can take up to 6 hours to fit, meaning you’ll need to set aside plenty of time to fit your own windows. However, if you are ready to take time out of your schedule, installing new windows yourself can work for you.

Fitting insert windows yourself can still be tedious, though. Often, you’ll need to move the window around strategically, in an opening that has changed and shifted over time. As a result, fitting windows yourself could be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

A creditable installer will wrap the exterior window in a coil stock that matches the window colour, meaning any fit can be seamless. However, that requires specialist knowledge.

Accurate Measurements for New Windows

Measuring new windows yourself is crucial to get right. When fitting windows yourself, any minor difference between the opening you have and the window you choose can be make-or-break.

If the window is too big, it simply won’t fit in your home, while a smaller window will have gaps for cold air to get through, reducing your home’s energy efficiency. 

We all know that high quality double glazing is fantastic for making your home much more thermally efficient and can save you considerable money on your heating bills as a result, but this is dependent on the standard of the installation too. Without perfectly precise measurements and seamless fitting, your home will be susceptible to chilly draughts and exponential heat loss through tiny gaps in the profile. When you choose to install your own double glazing, you lose the level of expertise required for an optimal installation, which will end up costing you much more in the long run. As a result, hiring an installer from Worcester Glazing can help you save money on energy bills over time, paying back the excess cost.

Fit your double glazing DIY

Guarantees for New Windows

You want your new investment to last you a lifetime. But when you decide to fit your own windows, you could run the risk of it not lasting for that long. When fitting windows yourself, you can also void the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that if the window should break after you fit it they may not pay for any damage – as they can blame it on your installations. If you fit your own windows, you won’t get a warranty on the fitting and leave yourself at risk to lose your entire investment by deciding to install your new windows yourself. An installer negates this issue, resolving issues if they make an unlikely mistake, as their company warranty will protect you against any issues that arise.

Give yourself an added layer of financial protection, meaning you’ll ensure your investment lasts you for decades.

Install New Windows With Less Pressure

When you install new double glazed windows yourself, you can put yourself under pressure. Not only do you have to worry about the warranty issue, but you’ll also have to put your own experience to the test. If you don’t have a lot of experience, then this sort of challenge can be difficult. Not only that, but the added pressure means that you could be taking too much of a risk by fitting windows yourself. By hiring an installer, you’ll take that stress away and get your time back as well. You can take the pressure off yourself, ensuring your window makes good on your investment and performs to its peak level.

Double Glazing Worcester Glazing

Get The Experts Involved 

As possible as it is to install your double glazing yourself, it really does require more expertise than many people realise to get proper results. We strongly recommend using our sister company, Worcester Glazing, to get precise and effective installations for your home. If you are interested in advice and quotes for new double glazing at a competitive price with a  straightforward process, call our team today at 01905 928188 or send us a message via our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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